Womb wrapped/skin silk Pulse pure/warm milk Hours soft/heart drum Rose mouth/clasped thumb   Loose tooth/gummy gap pillow treasure/starmapped Skinned knee/knuckle pop Tongue catching/rain drop   Other body/lips lost Limbs enfold/criss crossed Foster flesh/breath songs Here going/going gone   White shock/slow rest Hands locked/full blessed Last psalm/cold coil Into fire/into soil

For Anne

The longest night lives inside her blessed clasp, and echoes of beyond a thousand dawns still spark beneath her eyelashes; the embers of every livid fire etched between words, stitched into the binding of her heart’s bible. Death gives such beauty to pain, and she knew it as she slipped into her mother’s fur coat […]


New York’s summer breath climbs heavy through the window and the restless worm wrestles through apple rot.   Narcissus’ trumpets wither in astonished atrophy, recoiling into the earth   as the amnion ruptures, a parting of seas in the holiest of churches –     between the wide open legs of an obedient woman,   […]