Pink Is A Sister Sick 

with sweetness. Bright; blinds beautiful men, robs them of their enamel, but they never protest. Fat lashes fan those flushed cheeks, like blood blushing milk, bones so high and hollow beneath. Pink licks the dark, but refuses to wear it. I went panning for black diamonds in her hair in our girlhood, and found nothing […]


The greatest clown in all the world Is a chauvinist, orange pig Who came to power when Russians ensured the national vote was rigged. He doesn’t like the lefties Or faiths from Eastern soil Unless they’re helping him get fat On money, arms and oil Climate change is fake news, Disability self-inflicted A trail of […]


Would you feel better if you had a label? I probe the air with my left eye, spy socratic poker face with my right – she can’t see me, just case notes; I, unidentified, somewhere between the sighing beige of the walls and the dirty carpet, stained with confessions, some sharp enough to draw blood, others hollow […]


New York’s summer breath climbs heavy through the window and the restless worm wrestles through apple rot.   Narcissus’ trumpets wither in astonished atrophy, recoiling into the earth   as the amnion ruptures, a parting of seas in the holiest of churches –     between the wide open legs of an obedient woman,   […]

Cookstown, Spring 1987

Down one side of the road, I walked with my mother, clean neck and well-pressed dress, my eyes too large, too knowing; between footsteps, I heard my mother’s breath catch on the barbed wire and I saw a dark green man with a gun like the ones from TV shows, where men would spray bullets […]