Belfast Book Festival ’17 with Women Aloud NI

Over recent weeks, I have had the great fortune of discovering Women Aloud NI – a network founded by Jane Talbot, author of The Faerie Thorn, and dedicated to the celebration of women writers with ties to Northern Ireland. With the 7th annual Belfast Book Festival approaching, I’ve been excited to attend some great workshops, […]

The Bodies We Can’t Love

When I was 11, I stood in the doorway of my grandmother’s tiny living room and burst into tears because my thighs wobbled. My uncle laughed. My grandmother told me to stop being so silly. But somewhere along the line, I had picked up the idea that my body was there to be measured and […]

Who Am I?

The thought of writing an introductory post makes me squirm, to say the least; it feels like making eye contact, which is something I invariably struggle with. Still, there is a person behind the poetry. I am she. I have recently embraced writing again after a lengthy period wherein I barely wrote my name, never […]