Who Am I?

The thought of writing an introductory post makes me squirm, to say the least; it feels like making eye contact, which is something I invariably struggle with.

Still, there is a person behind the poetry. I am she.

I have recently embraced writing again after a lengthy period wherein I barely wrote my name, never mind anything else. I’m a mother to four children so really, having time to write isn’t an easily afforded luxury. The problem is this: the longer I go without writing, the more I need to write. Eventually, my head erupts with the pressure of a million words desperate to be written – and if I can discipline myself, I give them release. This has been a lifelong cycle; it will remain so, too. 

What I have never really done is offered my writing up for consumption by other people. That’s a whole new challenge and really, it’s why I’m here. 

It is terrifying.

But, some things just need to happen as there isn’t really an alternative. At 33, I think I’m finally beginning to realise that writing is who I am – alternatives are not an option.



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